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When did you join the CCI?

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) joined the CCI initiative in 2012 and signed the memorandum of understanding in May 2013.

Why did your government join the CCI?

Recognizing the need to manage near shore resources and an emanating opportunity to engage in an effective partnership, SVG joined this initiative.

How is the CCI important to marine and coastal conservation in the Caribbean?

All countries of the Caribbean are bordered or surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Seafaring and other nearshore activities are livelihood components in all of these states. There is a need to manage nearshore resources in all of these states. Nonetheless, the states are financially challenged. The CCI thus affords an opportunity to fund effective near shore management programs.

How has the CCI enhanced conservation in your country (What have you achieved since the CCI was established?)

The CCI is in its initial stage still. The country is currently in the process of developing an action plan for implementation.

What are your country's main conservation priority actions under the CCI?

The country aims to focus on:

  • The protection of biodiversity
  • Climate Change resiliency
  • Ocean Governance

How is the CCI approach different from past approaches to marine and coastal conservation?

Unlike other initiatives, the CCI emphasizes the environmental aspects of collaboration. This collaboration between private global giants and Caribbean governments is novel and innovative.

Who is your CCI focal point?

The CCI focal point in SVG is the Office of the Director of Planning




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