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Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri | Focal Point

When did you join the CCI? 

The United Nations Environment Program's, Caribbean Environment Program (UNEP - CEP) joined the Caribbean Challenge Initiative in 2009

Why did your organization join the CCI?

The CCI is an important initiative with great potential

How is the CCI important to marine and coastal conservation in the Caribbean?

The CCI has potential to greatly complement and strengthen related efforts in the region thus enhancing conservation in the region.

What are your organization's main conservation priority actions under the CCI? Or what is your organization's role in the CCI?

Our role is to provide a well-established platform for wider regional cooperation and a region-wide legal framework for sustainable management of coastal and marine resources in the Wider Caribbean (i.e. the Cartagena Convention and Protocol on biodiversity (SPAW), land-based pollution control (LBS) and on oil spills

How is the CCI approach different from past approaches to marine and coastal conservation?

The value added of this effort is the bringing on board and targeted engagement of corporations and the private sector which is very much needed.

Who is your CCI focal point?

  • name:Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri
  • title:SPAW Programme Officer
  • dept.:UNEP-CAR/RCU
  • address:14-20 Port Royal Street, Kingston, JAMAICA
  • phone:1 (876) 922-9267 Ext.9
  • fax:1 (876) 922-9292

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