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David Crane | President and CEO

When did you join the CCI?

Why did your company/organization join the CCI?

How is the CCI important to marine and coastal conservation in the Caribbean?

What are your company's main conservation priority actions under the CCI?

Why is conservation important to your company/organization? How does conservation benefit you?

6) Who is your CCI focal point? 


About David Crane - President and CEO

David Crane is the President and CEO of NRG Energy e a Fortune 300 company with enough generating capacity to power nearly 40 million homes.NRG is at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. The company is a pioneer in developing cleaner and smarter energy choices, whether as one of the largest equity owners of solar power in the country, by building the nation's first privately funded network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure or giving customers the latest smart energy solutions to better manage their energy use.

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