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Eric Barnes | Founder and CEO

When did you join the CCI?

KOR joined the CCI in the Spring of 2013 leading up to the CCI Summit on Necker Island in May 2013

Why did your company/organization join the CCI?

KOR designs hydration products that filter, store and enhance the water you drink. We believe in calebrating and treasuring water, and that mission extends to raising consumer awareness of the challenges facing our oceans. The CCI ans its focus on Caribbean water is a focal point of our mission to protect water.

How is the CCI important to marine and coastal conservation in the Caribbean?

KOR believe that national boundaries and single-minder policies have and will continue to fail the efforts required to protect coastal waters. The CCI brings leaders together, in both the regional governments and stakeholder corporations and businesses, to bring a collective dialog, plan, and management of these important Caribbean initiatives. The CCI enables interested parties to have a geographical approach and build scale to amplify awareness, funding, and action on these critial approach and build scale to amplify awareness, funding, and action on these critical environmental efforts.

What are your company's main conservation priority actions under the CCI?

As a small consumer products company, we have passionate consumers who belive strong in the importance of water and hydration to both human health and the health of our planet. Now distributed in 50 major countries, KOR looks to raise awareness of the CCI initiatives and the importance of protecting this coastal paradise.

Why is conservation important to your company/organization? How does conservation benefit you?

Our mission is to celebrate and treasure water. We try to put water on a padestal in our hydration products. We believe in this because it's the right thing to do. We receive some benefit from our involvement but ultimately benefit is not our motivation, but rather conviction to our mission.


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About Eric Barnes

Eric created KOR to "celebrate and treasure water" through an over-the-top line of hydration vessels and now seeks to make water the world's unifying religion through KOR's Ocean/Drop brand initiative. KOR connects consumers directly to the world's water challenges through story-telling, giving back, and demonstrating how small actions lead to big, ripple-effect impacts.


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