CCI – Carbon War Room (CWR) Workshop Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 09 October 2013
  • Location: Westin Hotel, Aruba
  • Host: Government of Aruba

CWR Logo 2013Advancing Progress on Summit Outcomes, Phase II of the CCI.

The CCI Secretariat held a joint meeting with Carbon War Room and Pew Charitable Trusts to follow up on the commitments made in the Summit Communiqué. This two-day meeting took place alongside the Caribbean Renewable Energy held in Aruba in October 2013. CCI Government participants at the meeting developed an initial roadmap for renewal energy transition and discussed shark/ray conservation in the Caribbean. Funding provided by The Moore Foundation, Virgin Unite and Pew.


Objective Outcomes
Reignite the positive spirit and commitment of the CCI Summit at Necker Island

Attendees included:12 CCI Governments representatives including 5 Ministers, the CCI Secretariat, Carbon War Room representatives including its President Mr. Jose Maria Figueres, representatives from Pew Environment Group, Dr. Rashid Sumalia from the University of British Columbia and representatives from HOMER Energy, the Worldwatch Institute and TNO Caribbean office.

Define a process for working together to achieve (i) the renewable energy commitment in the Necker Communiqué; and (ii) the marine conservation commitments in the Leaders Declaration (“20 by 20” Goal) and the Necker Communiqué (i.e. shark and ray protection).

The CCI countries identified the following actions they hope to see emerge from working together with CWR:

  • Demonstrating deal flow on islands. Learning from models and processes employed.
  • Develop technical capacity on islands
  • Practical support to move things forward
  • Integrated renewable energy planning; understanding and dealing with intermittency issues and developing focused Renewable Energy plans with utilities

The CCI countries supported additional conservation efforts and discussed the possibility of establishing a shark and ray sanctuary with members of Pew Environment Group.

Establish a roadmap including deliverables and timetables, to effectively achieve progress on the commitments mentioned above

Road map for shark and ray conservation: 

  • Continue conversations with and between governments
  • Prepare outreach materials tailored to individual countries and to key groups.
  • Create a communications strategy to announce the intent to establish a regional shark and ray sanctuary in the Caribbean

Road map for Renewable Energy transition:

  • CCI countries expressed interest in attending the CWR Climate Wealth Event where they have an opportunity to deliver demonstrative action to achieve renewable energy transition.



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